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“I had to tell him where I was going and he would give me a spending limit,” she says.

The nice way to describe this: He was trying his best to keep the budget in check—and stepped about five miles over the line.

When we’re a year away from the odometer rolling over, we become more aware of the passage of time and youth, and we may do stupid things because we think the clock is running out. Reflecting on what we have or haven’t achieved over the past decade can lead to bleak thoughts, says quality-of-life researcher Michael Steger, Ph. WHY SHE CHEATS: THE MONEY Emily, 35, had every reason to be furious with her husband.

After she’d made a few too many purchases on her debit card, he cut up the plastic in front of her in a humiliating power play.

“When I met him, it seemed inevitable that we’d have sex,” she says. Why do smart women consider jumping into bed with knuckle-dragging thugs?

WHY SHE CHEATS: SHE WANTS TO BE BAD When her marriage began to fray, Ali, a 25-year-old marketing assistant, found herself in bed with the kind of roughneck guy she’d always avoided.

This way you’re both accountable for the money going into and coming out of your account. WHY SHE CHEATS: SHE'S EXPECTING A PRINCE You would hope your wife understands that perfect men don’t exist.

But then there’s “Kyle.” He writes poems and sends flowers, and he seems so sensitive.

If your relationship is already faltering, here are five reasons she could end up in another man’s bed.

Related: 7 Signs Your Lover Is Having An Emotional Affair WHY SHE CHEATS: HER AGE Marsha, a paralegal in Boston, was everything a man could want in a wife: She was beautiful, intelligent, and funny, not to mention limber because of her devotion to yoga.

BY MIKE DARLING The Ashley Madison hack way back gave men a false sense of security.

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